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Letter from our firm

The calendar has changed to 2021 and many of us have been anticipating this change and officially putting 2020 in the rear-view mirror. 2020 was a challenging year for most of us whether it be personally or work-related. At Evenhouse, we dealt with shutting down the office for a couple of months, transitioning to having staff work remotely and the longest tax season in history, all while trying to maintain the level of client service and relationship that we strive for and that our clients desire. There were significant investments of time and energy working with clients on stimulus programs and challenges that they were having for their businesses and we appreciate your patience in times where it took us longer than normal to respond back to you.

We continue to be sensitive to staff and client concerns about health and safety as the impact of COVID-19 continues in our world. We learned last year as we dealt with the impact of COVID-19 that we do have viable options to interact with clients when it comes to tax appointments. We were able to review and discuss tax filings with clients through the use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, conference calls, and other means. We were able to accomplish tax returns and tax work with limited in-person appointments and utilizing our technology platforms for incoming and outgoing work.

As we look ahead at the next couple of months, our goal is to continue to limit in-person tax appointments in our office. This does not mean that we are not taking in-person tax appointments; rather it means that we will be looking to shorten their duration and the focus of the meetings. Similarly, we will look to continue to offer, encourage and utilize options for virtual tax appointments and meetings. What does this mean for you? If you are more comfortable utilizing one of the virtual meeting options, then please let us know and we will schedule a day and time for this virtual meeting. If you still prefer an in-person tax appointment, then we will be coordinating shorter appointments using either of the following schedule options:

  1. Document Drop-Off Meeting - This is a meeting to review your tax documents with you when you drop them off and then we will prepare your income tax return after you leave; or,

  2. Return Review Meeting - This is a meeting to review and finalize the income tax returns after we have processed them based on the documents and communications we have had with you.

The change then is that we would not be preparing the return completely during the meeting with you. We believe that this may result in a more efficient use of both your time and our time, as well as alleviating some of the health and safety concerns that both you and our staff may have. In any of these cases, we will coordinate the type of meeting and the timing of the meeting with you.

We do understand that some of these process changes may be different than how we have worked with you in the past and we appreciate your flexibility as we work through this together.  For most of our clients who typically have not done in-person meetings, many of these changes may not specifically apply to you.  We have historically had a diverse mix between tax work that was completed via appointments and tax work that was completed without the need for an appointment.  We will continue to offer all of these options as we seek to serve each client with the option that works best for their situation.

If you do have any specific questions or concerns on this, please feel free to contact our office and to speak with one of our administrative staff or directly with one of the partners. We look forward to communicating with each of you soon.

Evenhouse & Co.